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Bringing Design Dreams to Life

About Us

Western Washington Design is an interior design company that specializes in creating beautiful and functional spaces, from the layout to the decor. We believe that each space should reflect the individual's unique identity and lifestyle.My team have experience in the industry, allowing us to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family. We have redecorated spaces for family and friends, as well as consulted with construction companies and clients to design new spaces with a variety of materials. Our goal is to bring happiness to people through our designs and help make their dreams come true.

Ashley, WA

WWA Designs can turn any space into something functional and beautiful. They have transformed my whole house into my new favorite place. Including my very disastrous playroom, it's now a beautiful place where I can sit and enjoy. Could not recommend enough. 

Erika, WA

WWA Designs gave me the direction on paint color, odds and ends decor items to integrate into my current space. They gave me advice on how to elevate the design in my entryway and bedroom. I will have them do more in the near future!

Heather, WA

W WA design assisted with selecting materials for my house remodel. My bathroom feels like a spa. They captured the vision imagined for my house for years. My vision is now a reality


Design Blog

Enjoy a variety of design ideas to try! By all the product or your favorite pieces to incorporate elements into your current design at home

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We offer a consultation to a space that you are redesign from the basics of decor to layout suggestions.

Room Decor

Will provide a variety of design options and where to buy based on your vision and budget. 

Material Suggestions

Will provide different materials options that will complement the space you are trying to redesign. 

Layout Suggestions

Will provide suggestions on how to best layout a space that you and your architect and contractor can implement 

Submit your Design Request

Include your vision in detail, budget, measurements of the space, and what service you are wanting to utilize. Once a response a requested, you will be asked to submit a payment of $25 to receive the three options in return.


Thanks for submitting! Allow a week for a response

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